Whether you’re an Accountant in Practice or an Accountant in Business, our ecosystem of collaboration and data analytics tools can help extract unique insights that drive more valuable interactions – freeing your people to focus on more valuable activities.

Discover Inflo Products

Inflo is split into five products that can be used end-to-end, or in a modular approach. Whether you are looking for one solution or for modules to use to compliment existing systems – Inflo has got it covered.

Inflo modules

Inflo Collaborate

  • Use accounting specific functionality
  • Collaborate remotely with colleagues and clients
  • Share files securely and control versions
  • Take control of your services


Inflo Ingest

  • Securely access data from any system
  • Unlock time lost preparing data
  • Have confidence in reliable data
  • Leverage Sophisticated solutions

Inflo Flux

  • Automate trial balance analysis
  • Identify large and unusual variations
  • Obtain variance commentary from clients
  • Elevate risk assessment and evaluation

Inflo Explore

  • Visualise every general ledger transaction
  • Analyse user, document and other characteristics
  • Improve business and industry understanding
  • Publish dynamic outputs

Inflo Select

  • Automate traditional audit tests
  • Identify optimum testing strategies
  • Ensure audit methodology compliance
  • Enhance documentation standards and efficiency

Inflo Detect

  • Perform high-quality fraud testing
  • Visualise high-risk data characteristics
  • Benchmark results to peers
  • Publish dynamic client outputs

Inflo Revenue Cascade

  • Replace sampling with 100% population analysis
  • Visualise every business process transaction
  • Identify notable transactions and test anomalies
  • Publish dynamic client outputs 

Inflo Metrics

  • Automate ratio calculation
  • Expand risk assessment consideration
  • Benchmark results to peers
  • Publish dynamic client outputs

Inflo Reports

  • Produce distinctive reports in minutes
  • Extract valuable insights from data
  • Emphasise the value of your work
  • Provide new accounting services

Inflo Workpapers

  • Leverage a scalable, data-driven approach
  • Work flexibly and remotely
  • Comply with standards
  • Use innovative, industry tailored methodologies
Paul Wardle

Customer Experience Manager

Inflo is an inspirationally positive and forward thinking environment to work in that is at the cutting edge of the profession. Inflo offered me a unique opportunity to join a Fintech firm which was, for me, setting the audit and accounting world alight.

You don’t need to be a data expert to use Inflo — everything you need is presented in intuitive dashboards.