Data Analytics

Intuitive analytics software to replace traditional audit effort, helping auditors automate simple tasks, perform more interesting work, and deliver more value to clients – all in one easy-to-use platform.

Includes a comprehensive suite of analytics, graphical visualizations, journal entry routines, revenue testing, and client reports - all fed by automated data acquisition from any client system.

Work smarter, not harder

Impress clients and attract new ones

Improve the quality of your audits

Provide an interesting staff experience

Making Data Work for You Not Against You

Obtain reliable data, consistently from any client accounting system.



Support Clients

Help clients provide the right data, first time. A clear workflow guides clients through extracting and uploading data – or auditors can perform the upload themselves.

Any Client System

All the transactions, any system. You receive data from any client accounting system, without breaking a sweat.

Overview or Transactional

Get the appropriate granularity of data. Obtain detailed general ledger data for Transactional Analytics, or Trial Balance data for Overview Analytics.

Standardized Taxonomies

Unlock huge automation opportunities. Map your data to either a standard taxonomy (ours or yours) to work with a Common Data Model structure.

Reliability and Integrity

Ensure you are working with complete, accurate data. A suite of reliability and integrity checks validate data before any analysis is performed.

Supported by Experts

We’re here when data extraction gets tough. Our team of ex-Big 4 firm data experts are on hand to support unusual systems or complex clients.

Automate common activities to free team capacity.



Analytical Review

Automate year-over-year financial analysis. Analytical review comparisons help you focus on interpretation to plan or conclude your audit work.

Ratio Analysis

Access to a suite of key performance calculations. Ratio analysis gives you a distinct perspective to analyze your client.

Bank Confirmations

Modernize bank and loan testing. Bank confirmations provided via Open Banking offer a streamlined, more effective confirmation process.

Analyze every transaction to focus your effort.



Explore transactions through intuitive visualizations. Drilldown and investigation support risk assessment activities or transform testing.

Revenue Analytics

Trace the flow of every revenue transaction. Replace traditional techniques, focusing work on the outliers.

Journal Analytics

Instantly run a suite of routines across huge datasets. Apply sophisticated risk scoring, testing for fraud or error.

Bank Analytics

Leverage emerging Open Banking capabilities. Review bank statement data to unlock new audit techniques.


Execute audit sampling correctly every time. Enforce your methodology in sample tests you perform.

Prove your value with beautiful reports you’re proud to present.



Planning Report

Present your client the plan. Provide planning reports presenting key planning decisions and the value of the proposed approach.

Concluding Report

Report the findings from your audit. Communicate findings and insights gained during the audit work in concluding reports.

Value-Add Reporting

Transform your client’s view of your work. Deliver actionable insights in visually engaging value-add reports.

Making Data Work for You Not Against You

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Whether you’re after a single capability or a complete audit solution, Inflo has everything you need

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Why Customers Love the Ease and Power of Data Analytics

Clients loving Data Analytics with auditors. For Inflo customers, that’s a reality. But don’t just take our word for it …

Hurst felt behind the curve and determined the time was right to start their digital transformation journey. On a three-year quest to find a progressive solution to fit their aspirations, Hurst implemented Inflo in 2020.

Taking a modular approach, Hurst leveraged Inflo to complement core back-end technologies. The leadership team have continually been rewarded, receiving incredible unsolicited feedback from clients.

Anthony Woodings

Business Services Partner, Hurst

Inflo has vastly improved our competitive edge. Previously we were hindered by not having the right technology in place to meet the expectations of future clients. Inflo solved that problem.

Use data analytics software that’s simple to use … and your teams and clients will love.

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