Performing Data Analytics on Any Client System

Client with specialised, industry specific accounting systems

What was the pain point?

With so many different accounting systems used by clients, knowing the intricacies of each system is impossible. The client’s finance team struggled to export from the accounting system the information needed by the team. Summary reports in PDF format meant the team wasted time entering data in Excel. They also did not have sufficiently granular information to perform their work effectively or provide their client with useful analysis.

How did Inflo help?
Inflo was able to support the client in extracting every accounting entry from the system. The Data Wizard guided them through every step of the process and made sure that they were able to export the right data first time. The experience for the team was no different to any other time they used Inflo – the quality of information and outputs was consistent and unimpaired by the client’s use of legacy accounting system.
What was the result?
The client spent significantly less time preparing reports and was able to extract useful information for the first time. The team had access to better quality data in more granular detail, allowing them to use Inflo’s data analytics Modules to provide real value back to the client. The finance team were very interested in how Inflo visualisations could help them understand business performance and support their management accounts process in the future.
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