Analysing business performance for effective and valuable engagements

What was the pain point?

The team historically spent significant amounts of time analysing financial information within management accounts, which was often difficult to reconcile to underlying systems. With only very high-level information available it proved challenging to identify the cause of key variances.

This meant the team had to rely on client explanations to understand trends and the impact on the engagement. Validating or challenging these explanations was impossible based on the information available to the team.

How did Inflo help?

Inflo applied robotic process automation (RPA) techniques to build up analysis of the performance of the business based on every accounting transaction – extracted from the client’s accounting system.

With the team no longer preparing analysis they had more time to visualise key trends, instantly drilling down into anomalous areas to answer their own questions. They were able to identify areas for further review and prepare reports capturing analysis and commentary.

What was the result?

The team developed a deeper understanding of their client’s business and focused on the scope of their work. Key client contacts were more engaged in the process, enjoying the collaborative discussion of business performance on a tablet device.

The client saw early in the engagement the benefits of using Inflo which generated enthusiasm for discussing other outputs from the new process.

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