Frequently asked questions

Are the Starter/Professional packages unlimited in terms of engagements/users?

In both our Starter and Professional licenses, firms will have unlimited and unrestricted access to the modules on offer. This means that firms can use Inflo on as many engagements as needed with an unlimited amount of users.

Where can I find out more about data security?

We understand that security is a priority when you’re exchanging confidential data and asking your clients to do the same. That’s why security and resilience are not only embedded into our technology, but also the culture of our entire organisation. Find out more about data security here.

What is Inflo Workpapers?

Inflo Workpapers, a new module in our product suite, the addition of inflo workpapers means we now offer a complete digital audit platform. Inflo Workpapers will unlock the full potential of technology within audit services; fully leveraging the power of data analytics, automation and AI to perform audits more effectively, to a higher standard of quality and delivering more valuable outputs. You can find out more about Workpapers here.

Is support included?

Support is included within the platform - you can also purchase monthly support and in person support.

You don’t need to be a data expert to use Inflo — everything you need is presented in intuitive dashboards.