Dynamic Reporting

Bring your audit to life and work in new ways 

Inflo Reports produces distinctive client presentations and reporting. Designed to simultaneously satisfy required client communications and deliver greater value, Inflo also provides client-facing dashboards to offer new dynamic outputs from the audit process. 

Instantly produce distinctive reporting and valuable insights to demonstrate the value of your audit work and explore new services. 

Produce distinctive reports in minutes 

Extract valuable insights from data 

Emphasise the value of your work 

Provide new accounting services 

Distinctive reporting 

Produce valuable client reports as a new audit output. 

  • Instant reporting. Produce beautiful, consistent client reports in minutes. 
  • Embedded visualisations. Bring your audit to life with engaging visualisations to spark valuable conversations.
  • Effective compliance. Satisfy communication requirements with in-built template reports. 
  • Branded results. Embed your firm’s brand on your reports to improve client experience. 

Valuable Insights

Extract valuable insights as a natural part of your audit. 

  • Valuable insights. Extract new insights as a by-product of your audit testing. 
  • Tailored reports. Choose from a library of visualisations and analysis to fit your client’s interests. 
  • Micro analysis. Extract insights at transaction or entity level, identifying anomalies or optimisation opportunities. 
  • Macro perspective. Provide an industry perspective, benchmarking business performance and KPIs. 

Emphasise your value

Showcase the value of your audit services. 

  • Improve understanding. Engage clients more in the audit process to improve awareness and design a valuable approach. 
  • Change perspectives. Explore visualisations collaboratively with clients to change their view of the audit. 
  • Objective review. Demonstrate the value of objective analysis and reporting. 
  • Tangible outputs. Provide specific outputs from your work which demonstrate valuable outcomes. 

New Services

Work in new ways and provide new services. 

  • Pricing value. Use variable reporting options to support pricing your audit services differently. 
  • Continuous services. Move your annual audit to a subscription-based, continuous service. 
  • Analytics-as-a-Service. Offer scalable analytics services to you clients to support their organisation. 
  • Advisory opportunities. Identify new, permissible advisory opportunities to appropriately expand your work with audit clients. 
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