Data Acquisition

Obtain consistent data from every client

Inflo Ingest solves the biggest barrier to innovation in audit and accounting – data acquisition. By guiding clients through an intuitive data extraction process, Inflo offers flexibility, security and support to acquire data from 100% of accounting systems. 

A suite of reliability checks provide confidence over client data while freeing time. Whether the data is analysed in Inflo’s data analytics or passed to other tools via API, auditors and accountants can now access consistent data to automate their work and add more value.

Securely access data from any system

Unlock time lost preparing data 

Have confidence in reliable data 

Leverage sophisticated solutions 

100% of systems

Obtain consistent data from every accounting system.

  • Fully compatible. Extract data from 100% of accounting systems, whether cloud-based or on-premise desktop package. 
  • Client flexibility. Guide clients through sharing data effectively and securely, providing multiple extraction options and suggesting system-specific recommendations. 
  • Summary and detail. Obtain trial balance and transactional data to support any accounting engagement. 
  • Money-back guarantee. We are so confident in our approach we provide a money-back guarantee. No data, no cost. 

Unlock time

Free your team from the burden of data preparation.

  • Right first time. Ensure you receive the data you need at the first time of asking, avoiding rework and frustrated clients. 
  • Speedy access. Complete the acquisition process in minutes, not hours or days.  
  • Enriched data. Solve common data challenges, such as batched or fragmented postings, with in-built transformations to enrich client data and insights. 
  • Free your team. Focus your team’s effort on more valuable, interesting work.

Confidence in data

Ensure your client data is reliable and accurate.

  • Reliability checked. A suite of integrity checks ensure data is reliable. 
  • Full reconciliation. Transaction listings are fully reconciled to trial balance information for line-by-line completeness verification. 
  • Manipulation and error. Deploy proprietary techniques to instantly identify errors and eliminate manipulation risk.
  • Findings confidence. Analyse results and propose findings to clients with confidence and conviction. 

Sophisticated solutions

Solve complex data challenges with powerful acquisition techniques. 

  • Complex groups. Aggregate disparate systems or deconsolidate group ERP systems with in-system group transformation techniques.
  • Expert support. Our ex-Big 4 data specialists are on hand to support clients when needed, via in-platform chat or video call. 
  • Configurable approaches. Modify charts of accounts or other elements of the acquisition process to provide the data you need. 
  • Smart integration. Access data in a common data model format, using APIs to load consistent data to any technology. 

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