Inflo Digital Audit: The world’s first data driven audit platform

The digital evolution has arrived. Inflo brought together audit and accounting professionals from EMEA 19 May and APAC 25 May to showcase their Digital Audit technology and new workpapers module release.

Inflo founders, CEO Mark Edmondson and COO Graham Clark discussed how the digital evolution will evolve the audit’s purpose, the way it is performed and the outputs it provides. It will bring about a new way of thinking about the whole audit experience.

Workpapers module release

Inflo Workpapers is the 10th Inflo module release and the most significant. It expands on their digital collaboration, data acquisition, data analytics and dynamic reporting solutions to form a world first complete end-to-end digital audit solution. What is also unique is that it incorporates a new, innovative, proprietary audit methodology which is capturing the attention of the entire profession.

Product innovation benchmark

Inflo’s approach has involved working with a group of innovative firms, ranging from large firms that audit listed companies to small firms with fewer than 10 staff. They regularly road tested ideas and provided continuous feedback to Inflo as they developed the workpapers solution.

“These firms provided us with a strong global perspective. We worked with firms in the UK and the US as well as firms in the Australia/Asia Pacific region, across Europe and in Latin America. We’ve particularly found the US market to be very enthusiastic and have worked closely with a vocal group of firms to embed a US mindset into all elements of our product.”



Digital Audit video on demand

Solving the data acquisition challenge

Inflo has created an efficient and innovative approach to extracting data from any accounting system. It provides a simple experience for the client and supports the engagement team throughout the process. Extracting, transforming and loading the data from a client accounting system is a foundational step, which firms needed the ability to acquire data from any accounting system they might encounter.

“We remain incredibly proud of our 100% record. We’ve successfully extracted data from every accounting system an auditor has requested data from globally.”

Creating new client value

The Digital Audit creates new client value to both new and existing clients. It will transition from delivering retrospective compliance services to offering real-time and prospective services centred around client value. It will advance staff, expand skillsets beyond pure technical capabilities, empowering teams to be more create and engaged.

“The Digital Audit delivers a core compliance service in a more advisory style. It therefore develops new skills within compliance teams. And it opens opportunities to change a client’s perspective of the audit, from being merely a compliance cost, to instead an investment in their business’s growth.”

The digital audit increases service differentiation allowing firms to wield a competitive advantage, whether their competitors are smaller local firms or Big 4 powerhouses.

During the event, 69% of firms told us providing a high-quality client experience was the major differentiator of their audit and accounting services.

Realising the benefits for firms

Inflo also interviewed global thought leaders, ranging from CEOs of the largest network firms, standard setters, professional accounting organisation leaders and accountants to reimagine a future embracing the digital opportunities.

“Future accountants will have a role in translating what technology and data are saying, they will need to use that information to meet objectives of the audit.”
Amir Ghandar FCA, Reporting and Assurance Leader, CA ANZ

“Empowers the auditor, no longer dependant on client for explanation and analysis.”
Scott Spradling, Owner, LS Spradling Consulting

“Reduction of onsite staff presence from 6 weeks to 6 days. Audit staff can work on multiple audits at one time.”
Steve Heathcote, CEO, PrimeGlobal

“Availability of data will transition firms to deliver a real-time continuous audit.”
Brian Fox, CPA, President & Founder of Confirmation, Thomson Reuters

“Audit team are reviewing current year activities, moving away from the same as last year checklist mindset.”
Caroline Monk, Executive Partner, Beever and Struthers

“Remote working is going to become a permanent feature of working culture, the ability to provide communication and collaboration performance has become very critical in delivery of audit.”
Jimmy Cao, Associate Director, ShineWing Australia

Inflo’s Digital Audit is a dynamic, data driven and client centred approach, the value and benefits are being realised by customers and the profession. Don’t be left behind, Inflo can provide a range of options to suit your requirements, the full Digital Audit platform or tailored modules to complement existing solutions. Talk to one of our specialists to find out how.

Watch the launch event on-demand

As part of our campaign to drive adoption of the Digital Audit, we ran a one-hour virtual event to share insights from leading industry influencers on the benefits of adopting a Digital Audit.  The session is now available to watch on demand.

Digital Audit video on demandFind out more

To learn more about how the Inflo Digital Audit can help you drive efficiency, transform audit quality and client value and create a more interesting staff experience, book a meeting with our team.

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