Why choose Inflo? Your questions, answered.

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one audit solution, or you want to explore modular efficiency-driving technologies that can transform your audit processes, Inflo can help shape your firm and how you serve your clients for decades to come. So, it makes sense to carefully consider your options and ask the right questions before you jump in.

To help, we’ve pulled together some of our most frequently asked customer questions – divided into subject areas – to help you better understand how Inflo works, what it means for your clients, and above all, how it will benefit your firm and people.

Client collaboration

Q: Will my clients be willing to share data with me through Inflo?

A: Using a new platform for the first time can be daunting for any user, and there’s always the temptation to stick with what you know. Inflo helps tackle this through a phased approach to implementation, allowing your clients to get up to speed on how it works and the value it can deliver, before asking them to share data through it.

That helps build confidence in the platform. But, in many instances we’ve seen that even that isn’t needed. The truth is that once your clients see the value Inflo unlocks for them, they’ll be more than motivated to share the required data with you through it.

Inflo is an industry-recognised platform that’s known for its focus on security and data compliance. For example, one way we protect our customers’ data is by storing and processing it where it originated – a key requirement of several global data compliance regulations.

Q: I’m happy with our existing solutions – how is Inflo different from other solutions I have?

A: Inflo isn’t just another audit and accounting platform, it’s a sophisticated cloud-based solution that’s been designed to work in a modular way. This means that you only add the capabilities you need to help augment your existing solutions – and that’s all you pay for.

By standardising all your client data, Inflo can transfer any accounting system information into a common data set. And with API integration capabilities, data transfers can be easily automated between applications.

Service and licensing

Q: Does Inflo require a substantial up-front investment?

A: Based around our ‘value first’ payment model, Inflo is a single all-in-one solution that sits between you and your clients. This means that until your clients’ data has been captured and processed, and they’ve actually seen Inflo’s outputs and what it can help them achieve, you won’t be charged a thing.

Add to this the platform’s modular design – where you only add and pay for the capabilities you need – Inflo quickly becomes both a powerful and cost-effective solution.

Q: Which level of service and pricing is right for me?

A: That depends on what capabilities you need and the size of your firm. For example, if you’re a small firm that only requires essential modules, we recommend our starter package. But if you’re a larger firm that’s more comfortable with data analytics and sophisticated configurable modules, you may find our Pro or even Enterprise package the right choice.

Whatever package you think you need, it can be a good idea to start with our Free package. It gives you access to a wide range of features so you can decide what you need, and what’s surplus to requirements. And best of all, it’s free for life. Get in touch with one of our product experts to find out more.

Q: We’re a small firm, isn’t Inflo too advanced for our needs?

A: Inflo is built on similar technology to that used by the biggest firms to deliver sophisticated data-driven insights and positive returns on investment for clients. But unlike the technologies developed in-house by those firms, we’ve put these capabilities in a single package that’s easy to use and suitable for firms of all sizes, and professionals at every level of expertise.

And with our unique 90-day onboarding process, tailored company development plans, and ongoing access to expert support, you can be safe in the knowledge that Inflo is always configured to your ongoing needs.

Usability, onboarding and upskilling

Q: How much training will my team need to use Inflo to its full potential?

A: Inflo is designed for accountants, by accountants. This means that its processes are structured in line with how you work. And the ability to easily swap out modules and features makes it straightforward to use.

What’s more, your people won’t be expected to learn as they go. With access to a range of online training resources and expert remote assistance, Inflo is quick and easy to understand.

Q: Does using Inflo mean extra effort and training for my clients?

A: Designed by accountants, Inflo is an intuitive platform that’s easy for everyone to use – including your clients. When you first introduce Inflo to your clients, it should be immediately clear how to use and engage with it. However, if support is needed, our team are on-hand to help.

Q: Is support available to help my team get started with Inflo?

A: From data ingestion and business process mining, to fraud detection and performance analysis, knowing where to start with Inflo without the right support in place can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a 90-day onboarding process and expert remote assistance to help guide your team through the basics, and help you to establish the modules and processes you really need.

Q: Are the client-facing elements of Inflo customisable?

A: Yes. While Inflo is available off the shelf, some visual components of customer-facing elements can be customised, and even white labelled where required.

Inflo customers have the opportunity to apply co-branding and alter naming conventions through the platform – ensuring that Inflo is a true extension of the service and image they deliver to customers, and never something that looks or feels out of place.

Solution and company credibility

Q: Is Inflo aligned with – and designed to uphold – international audit standards?

A: Because Inflo has been designed by accountants who are helping to shape future audit standards, the platform helps to ensure everyone works in a compliant and standardised way – both today, and in the future.

Q: How accessible is Inflo?

A: Because Inflo is a cloud-based platform, you can access it anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection – perfect for remote working. And with role-based user access, your clients can rest assured their data is only being seen by those who need to.

You can find out more about our customers’ experiences of remote auditing by watching our Remote Auditing Masterclass.

Q: How long will I be able to continue using and seeing value from Inflo?

A: Inflo is a constantly evolving solution that will develop in line with your current and future needs. This helps to ensure the platform always delivers maximum value and supports you as your demands and the profession changes.

With more firms than ever demanding Inflo, there’s never been a better time to start taking advantage of its features.

Q: Is Inflo already being used by firms of my size?

A: We work with firms of all sizes across the world in over 120 countries. In fact, firms such as Grant Thornton, RSM, Crowe, and Bentleys are already reaping the benefits of working with Inflo and accessing markets that would have otherwise been out of reach.

Availability, data management and security

Q: Where is Inflo available, and is it suitable for global teams?

A: With global coverage, Inflo is perfect for teams spread across multiple locations. Hosted on Microsoft Azure and with 256-bit AES encryption, the platform also complies with several major data protection standards – such as ISO 27001 – meaning your clients’ data is always secure.

Q: Where will my clients’ data be processed and held?

A: Data in Inflo gets processed and stored in the regions where your clients are located, ensuring all local data protection requirements are upheld.

What’s more, all data is automatically backed up for additional peace of mind.

Q: How does anonymised benchmarking work – and can my clients opt out?

A: Anonymous benchmarking anonymises client KPI data to create reports and make comparisons against industry benchmarks. This enables clients to truly understand how their current performance stacks up against their peers – without sharing any data that can be linked back to them in any way.

Any client can of course opt out of the service, but we tend to find that those who receive and act on the insight not only save time and money, but they also achieve a new perspective on their business they may have otherwise missed.

Want to learn more? Take the next step.

Inflo is a professionally recognised solution with global reach. Firms around the world use our technology to drive efficiency, improve the quality of their work, and deliver tangible value for their clients.

The platform’s easy to use modular capabilities not only enable our customers to think bigger and stand out from the competition, but also to attract and develop new talent.

Whether you’re looking to use Inflo ‘off-the-shelf’, or you need specific modules, we’re here to help guide you to the right solution.

Sign up for free to get started today or schedule a call with our enterprise team who’ll help you design your perfect solution.

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