Why Inflo?

Inflo puts cutting-edge computing capabilities at your firm’s fingertips.

It does this through easy-to-use dashboards that display your clients’ real-time financial data in intuitive visualisations.

Inflo also automates hours of work accounting firms currently perform manually, freeing your time up for more valuable, client-focused activities.

Our software gives you access to industry benchmarks you won’t find anywhere else, meaning you can show your clients exactly how they stack up against the best-in-class.

We’re already working with firms such as Grant Thornton, Moore Stephens, and MHA MacIntyre Hudson. So, don’t miss the chance to find out exactly how Inflo can help you deliver more value to your clients at AICPA ENGAGE 2018.

Experience Inflo first-hand…

We’re officially launching in the US during AICPA ENGAGE 2018, and you can find us…

  • At booth #406. Come demo our software, meet our team, and find out how Inflo can revolutionise your firm.
  • At our Solution Session: The Intelligence Augmentation Playbook – Deploying Innovation Firm Wide with Immediate Impact (June 12th, 12:50pm-1:40pm). Come along to discover how to augment your team with the latest accounting technologies.
  • At our TECH Demo (Wednesday 13th June, 12:30pm-12:55pm, TECH Demo Zone in the Main Expo Hall). We’ll walk you through the real-life applications of our unrivalled software and reveal exactly how it will help you deliver more value to your clients every day.

Get ahead of the curve by learning how Inflo can transform your firm and saying hi to InfloHI, which augments your firms’ human expertise with the latest computing capabilities.

And while you’re at ENGAGE, don’t miss the chance to see exactly how our technology can transform the value you provide to your clients and step into the next age of accounting on the front foot.