Why Inflo?

Find a job you love; create the future you want. Explore your unique passion and empower others. If you’re self-motivated, work with a sense of urgency, and you’re eager to learn, you’ll have the freedom to play to your strengths and get things done your own way here at Inflo. What matters is being the best you can be and constantly challenging yourself.

Our Core Values

Inflo’s core values are the foundation of the company, they are within Inflo’s DNA. They represent the way we behave towards each other and our customers; they drive our approach to work and business. They underpin the entire employee lifecycle and are a core part of both our recruitment process as well as employee development and growth.

“Inflo is an inspirationally positive and forward thinking environment to work in that is at the cutting edge of the profession. Inflo offered me a unique opportunity to join a Fintech firm which was, for me, setting the audit and accounting world alight”

Paul Wardle, Customer Experience Manager, 2019

Here’s what’s on offer

We give our teammates the tools, time and space to get the job done and then get out of their way. We find that’s when our teams produce their best work.

Our way of working will take a bit of getting used to if you’re used to timesheets, clocking in, or micro-management. But make no mistake, we have high expectations and push each other to succeed as a team.

Casual dress code
And not just on Fridays. Don’t feel like you need to dress like someone you’re not when you come to work.

Flexible working
You know how you work best. So work when you want and from where you want.

Self-education opportunities
Experts are made, not born. That’s why we block time out in your calendar for you to spend sharpening your skills.

An extra half-day’s holiday for every year
We appreciate loyalty. Enjoy an extra half-day paid holiday for each year you’ve been with us.