Our team is made up of technology experts and qualified accountants who are passionate about shaping the future of the profession. We’ve worked incredibly closely with firms around the world to develop software that will help accountants thrive in the digital age.

Our deep understanding of the profession and our expertise in advanced technologies has allowed us to develop software that has revolutionised accountant’s relationships with their clients. The experience in our team also allows us to provide the change management support firms need to get the most out of Inflo.

Our aim is to progress the profession and provide international, national and regional accounting firms with the tools and guidance they need to thrive in the next age of accounting.

We openly share our insights and expertise as keynote speakers at international accounting and technology conferences.

We also invest time into building relationships with stakeholder organizations such as ICAEW, AICPA, IAASB, IFAC, FRC and Accountancy Europe (to name just a few). We’re fortunate to be able to use these connections to share the challenges faced by accounting firms and help our profession progress as a collective.

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