October 11, 2016

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Accounting firms and their clients share a large amount of confidential information. All too commonly this exchange remains via email, causing reputational security concerns as well as poor project management.

Inflo Request & Share allows accounting firms to digitally collaborate with their clients, providing a new and improved client experience over two core accounting firm activities.

The first of these activities is the ingestion of transactional financial data sets from client accounting IT systems. Inflo’s unique approach has been designed by data specialists to deliver a flexible and simple client experience. By applying robotic process automation techniques Inflo offers a secure and scalable approach saving your team time, while robust data validation processes provide confidence in the conclusions you draw.

Being able to perform this ingestion from any client accounting IT system ensures you can analyse 100% of accounting transactions on 100% of clients, allowing you to enhance consistency and the value received by all your clients. As well as being analysed across the other Inflo Modules, this data can be exported in a consistent format for import to other firm systems performing for example accounts preparation or tax computation, or APIs can deliver a more automated data exchange across your entire firm.

The second of these activities is an advanced prepared-by-client (PBC) portal for secure collaboration between client and accounting firm. Project managing engagements or projects and the 2-way information exchange, a more digital experience is provided taking advantage of mobile and tablet devices and showing a real-time status to users in the portfolio dashboard (shown above).

With the flexibility to use either one or both of these activities, Inflo Request & Share immediately removes the reputational risk of emailing confidential information while delivering immediate productivity gains to both the accounting firm and client.

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