July 20, 2017

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Organisations spend a large amount of time and effort preparing financial information, whether for monthly management accounts or year end financial statements. Key business decisions are made on the basis of this financial information in an effort to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Accountants are also heavily involved in supporting this preparation or analysing this information. This often involves manually computing a variety of KPIs and statistics to evaluate performance or measure success against objectives. However, this analysis is often very limited, comparing that business with it’s own prior performance or other business units in the same organisation.

What if core KPIs and statistics could instead be compared to a big data population of other businesses to contrast that organisation’s performance and demonstrate best-in-class organisation performance?

Inflo Insights automatically calculates a suite of industry specific KPIs and statistics, benchmarking performance against a database of millions of other organisations. Filters can be applied to tailor the peer comparison, for example to organisations in the same industry.

While saving time in the preparation of financial analysis, Inflo Insights ensures clients receive a perspective on their organisation exclusive to Inflo accounting firms. Whether identifying improvements over profitability, working capital or asset returns, Inflo Insights unlocks new opportunities for accounting firms to support clients in a more recurring, trusted advisor capacity.

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