December 26, 2017

Inflo Webinars

Inflo regularly hosts webinars covering topics that are close to the accounting profession’s heart. Details of each webinar will be posted here along with instructions on how to book places. 

Webinars coming up:

Increasing fee income through technology Tier 4 Screenshot
Mark Edmondson shares how firms of all sizes can increase fee income across compliance teams through the strategic use of advanced technologies. Automation of repetitive tasks and a greater focus on Value-Adding activities transforms the services accounting firms provide, as well as their profitability and the client experience they deliver.

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Busy season tips for delivering value to audit clients
Alex Robinson and Bill Carrera share their experiences of how to deliver Value-Adding external audits even on the most time-pressured client engagements. They will share practical examples of quick wins you can take advantage of this busy season, demonstrating how raw data files can be transformed in minutes into visualisations and insights that will amaze your clients.

Available On-Demand now.