November 21, 2017


Most firms prefer our monthly subscription plans, which allows them to design a solution which fits their firm, client base and budget. Monthly subscriptions start at £975 per month, designed to allow small and medium sized firms to comfortably access advanced technologies. Our largest national firms configure Enterprise licences which deliver economies of scale that are bespoke designed to fit with their existing technology infrastructures.

Our pricing removes the need for upfront investment in hardware and configuration, has no hidden support, maintenance or training costs, and allows firms to immediately embrace the opportunity presented by our technology. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke support and guidance materials to help you maximise the benefits of our solution.

We believe our solution will amaze you and your clients. We want you to try it. Therefore, we are making Inflo available for new customer firms to trial for up to 3 months, with unrestricted use of all modules during the trial period, for £975 per month:

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This allows you to trial different Modules of Inflo, across the different services you provide, to different clients and different members of your team. You can use old data sets you already hold or perform live client engagements. This breadth of usage will allow you to use the trial period to determine and design the monthly subscription plan you wish to take forward, if you think the trial is a success.

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