November 30, 2016

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The start point for most accountancy services is to prepare financial analysis in a format to allow comparison and interpretation. The level of manual effort involved in this process heavily depends on the format of the raw data provided.

The value you can offer to clients is also highly dependent upon the granularity of financial information provided to you. Summary trial balance information will only offer the ability to identify initial high level trends for enquiry, which is of limited value to clients.

Inflo allows you to replace year-over-year comparisons with visualisations across every accounting transaction in an organisation, transforming the analysis you can perform over financial performance. Accountants can probe deeper and often answer their own questions.

This allows you to scope engagements in greater detail focusing your time and effort, while also immediately highlighting opportunities for you to advise clients on areas of risk or potential operational improvement.

Inflo Assess & Scope saves you time, automatically preparing visualisations and output reports, while enhancing the quality of work and value received by clients.

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