Case Study – Financial Analysis

Analysing business performance for effective and valuable engagements What was the pain point? The team historically spent significant amounts of time analysing financial information within management accounts, which was often difficult to reconcile to underlying systems. With only very high-level information available it proved challenging to identify the cause of key variances. This meant the Read more about Case Study – Financial Analysis[…]

Case Study – Project Management

Client with multiple subsidiaries and staff What was the pain point? Project management on this client had always been challenging to manage. There were around 30 different subsidiaries and large numbers of finance staff spread across separate locations. This meant that keeping track of the status of client information was a manual, time consuming task. Read more about Case Study – Project Management[…]

Case Study – Fraud Analysis

A Small But Highly Transactional Client What was the pain point? Fraud testing had traditionally relied on manual analysis and sampling techniques. With analysis performed in Excel the team found it challenging to filter and review transactions, causing them to use multiple worksheets on incomplete listings. Therefore, effective fraud testing and insight was lacking for Read more about Case Study – Fraud Analysis[…]

Partners Share Their Experiences of Implementing and Using Inflo

In a recent webinar, Partners Lisa Leighton and Alex Peal of BHP and James Cowper Kreston shared their experience of trialling and implementing data analytics software in their practice. Lisa and Alex explained what they’ve learned and why they chose to partner with Inflo. The 16-minute video below reflects on the key points of this Read more about Partners Share Their Experiences of Implementing and Using Inflo[…]